Customs Brokerage Services

When your business relies on imported goods, you need to work with a shipping services company that can get your merchandise through customs in a timely manner. ASL Services, made up of a team of highly-experienced customs brokers and entry writers. Our brokers are licensed through the US Customs and Border Protection agency and are well-versed in tariff and custom laws, allowing them to foresee and avoid potential obstacles to customs clearance.

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Working with a customs broker is the best way to ensure that your goods are successfully imported and that you are not overcharged in duties or taxes.

  • Post Entry Adjustments, Supplemental Information Letters, Information Requests, Refund Requests, Voluntary Tenders.
  • All entry types processing: Consumption, Informal, Carnet, Temporary Import, Antidumping and Countervailing, Bonded and Foreign Trade Zone, Reconciliation.
  • Participating Government Entry Adherence: FDA, USDA, F&W, EPA, DOT, etc
  • Pre-Clearance on a “Wheels Up” or 5 Day Prior Window for Ocean filing
  • ISF – Import Security Filing
  • Harmonized Tariff Classifications and Line Reviews (Reasonable Care) & Binding Ruling Services
  • Trade Research